Lure Wallet & Fishing Trip

Bishop Creek,CA - August 2014

Bishop Creek is in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain range, within the Inyo National Forest. We rigged up our poles for the shallow pools and threw on our waders in search of some Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout. We caught a few little ones, but not a ton of them.  Prior to setting off I decided to make a few lure wallets to help keep our best lures primed and ready. Made from brown and black chromexcel leather and shearling on the inside, these 6" by 2.5" cases fit perfectly inside our vests.

The Sierra Nevada's are beautiful and powerful while at the same time very peaceful.  It was a little sad to find evidence of a 3rd straight year of the California drought in low lake levels, dry plants and the presence of black bears in the campground at night in search of food.

Enjoy the pictures and contact me if you are interested in a custom lure wallet.