Inspired by an iconic landmass and rooted in the history of a California harbor town, where hide-traders once used seaside bluffs to throw “California Banknotes” to ships below.  Headlands QG is the handiwork of a couple who, amid work-a-day lives of ordinary madness, constant hilarity and love come together to combine their passions for art, design and craft to make a line of goods they can be proud of today and decades from now.  

Quality is a perceptual, conditional, and subjective attribute understood differently by different people.  We promise to remain our toughest critics.  Aiming to stay in the moment of each step, we set out to practice what we call mindful craftsmanship, meanwhile expanding our knowledge of methods, techniques and tricks to meet our own constantly rising standards.

Scott  Designer & Craftsman       

Having grown up in Dana Point and living all over Southern California for various educational pursuits, he has developed a deep appreciation for the Southern California landscape and the stories it tells. Spending his days managing projects for a Landscape Architecture firm in Laguna Beach, he loves the moment when design meets construction. In the evenings he seeks zen within each stitch.

Becca  VP of Miscellaneous Stuff    

The kicker on her high school football team. Need we say more to prove her badassery? Hailing from a tiny town in Oregon (Rainier), she is a jack of all trades and can seemingly master anything in minutes.Her days (and late nights) are spent tending to the various needs of our newest apprentice, baby Leroy. In the evenings she keeps the workshop humming.



The Clay Cup  Found randomly placed beneath a tree in a parking lot with a note that read, "You just found a handmade piece, take it home and enjoy." This cup kickstarted our journey to begin making our own handmade pieces. 

The Hide Drougher, by F. Benedict Coleman   A statue in Dana Point honoring the era when the bluff was used to expedite the transport of hides to waiting ships below.

Making quality leather goods in Dana Point, CA