Minimalist Cash Fold

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Minimalist Cash Fold


This slim wallet will hold up to six cards and about ten bills comfortably. The cash fold flap works like a money-clip in that the cash folds over onto itself. This simple wallet is for those of you that do not need room for nonsense.    


Dimensions: 4.25″ x 3.125″

Monograms: Free.  Please include initials in notes section at checkout. 

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See below for customer reviews.


Name: Adam Robbins

Date: 8/24/2017

Review: I have had my Minimalist Cash fold for about a week now and absolutely love it. I decided on the brown chromexcel and was blown away by the awesome smell and feel of the leather. This wallet easily holds my four cards and 8-10 bills. I love the cash fold as it makes it easier to grab individual bills. This was my first time ordering from Headlands Handmade and likely won't be my last. The experience from making the first contact to receiving my wallet was exceptional. This is a great company led by very skilled and passionate artists. Thanks so much for making a wallet that I am proud to own.


Name: Rick Jacob

Date: 8/23/2017

Review: This wallet is great. I've been using it for a while now and I absolutely love it. At this point I have 5 cards and 10 bills in it. It does just as good with 10 bills as it does with two. I was thinking about getting a wallet that kept the bills flat for a trip I'm taking but I won't. I won't part with this. You won't regret this purchase


Name: George Cavendish.

Date: 06/30/2015


Just thought I’d drop you a sincere message to tell you how delighted I am with the wallet, which arrived (very speedily) in London this morning.

The quest for exactly the right wallet is one of those things that can have a seemingly eternal timeline… unless of course one looks in the right place. One is therefore glad to have stumbled across your company, as the wallet you’ve made is exactly what one was looking for: the leather is spot on, substantial and meadow-fresh (a good veterinarian could probably have it back on its feet) and the aesthetic and feel of it is simply all in apple-pie order…

Perhaps because a wallet is such a personal thing (a talisman or lucky charm as well as a practical item), many men end up getting through quite a few before they either settle for one that just generally makes the grade… or, if lucky, they’ll actually find the exact right one.

I’ve tried more than quite a few - heirlooms / presents / craft or bespoke online makers / traditional (and very expensive) wallets - but have never been really satisfied until your Headlands Handmade Minimalist Cash Fold come winging its way to me.


Name: Chin V.

Date: 03/05/2015

Review: Got the wallet today! WOW!!! I gotta tell you, the blue cxl is just beautiful. The blue stitching came out fantastic!  Already loaded and ready for use with my usual 5 cards and few bills. My initials look awesome! Keep rocking and all the best to you guys over in Dana Point! 


Name: Wally H.

Date: 01/05/2015

Review: You guys are the best..I love my wallet..I will probably order another one even though I don't need it..Thanks guys


Name: Raudel P.

Date: 12/18/2014

Review: I've been carrying my minimalist wallet for almost a month now, and I love it! Great sturdy craftsmanship, love the fact that you can make it your own by choosing which color leather and thread you want, and  can also add initials. Hope to do some business with Headlands in the future.


Name: Chad B.

Date: 11/05/2014

Review: So proud to own this wallet! The materials, the craftsmanship and even the buying experience are all outstanding. I have several wallets and this one is my favorite by far. And Scott has been great to deal with. Love Headlands Handmade!


Name: Phillip M.

Date: 05/28/2014

Review: Navy & Olive. This wallet is amazing. It looks absolutely flawless and I receive comments about it all the time.


Name: Victor P

Date: 01/13/2014

Review: The workmanship and pride put into this wallet is second to none. Every detail, from the quality of the leather and stitching, to the cutting, forming and finishing - absolutely amazing.

Having owned other wallets, some of which, from what some would consider "Elite" companies. I can say, with unwavering confidence, that this is the best of them all.

I will definitely be purchasing a few more, with different color combinations; as well as some of the other works of art here.

Thank you for this amazing piece.


Name: Jason B.

Date: 09/14/2013

Review: This is an excellent "lifetime" wallet. I seriously doubt you will be able to wear it out. The leather is substantial, but not to the point where the wallet is too thick for front pocket carry. Mine is black leather with blue stitching - definitely a distinctive look. I am looking forward to watching this wallet develop character over time - I'm sure it will look and feel even better with age and wear. Now that I don't need another wallet I will be looking at some other great Headlands leather items in the future!


Name: Jimmy L

Date: 08/28/2013

Review: Got this wallet a few months ago in brown with the orange thread.  Looks insane!   So nice, perfect size if you're not the kinda person that carries way too much stuff in their wallet, heavy-duty leather.  Looking forward to this thing aging and getting more and more beautiful.  Get one...amazing wallet!


Name: Jon H.

Date: 06/18/2013

Review: Wow....the workmanship is top notch. You can really tell some time and care wasput into the creation of this wallet. The hand on the leather is soft and subtle and the leather is very thick and hardy.  This guy even nailed it with the packaging.......I wont tell you what he did I will keep that asurprise but it definitely brings you back in time. 

5 stars hands down!


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