Day to Day

Interview with Steve Montelli

Recently a gentleman purchased a wallet. A few minutes after he made the purchase he emailed to asked if he could come down to Dana Point to check out my operation and interview me. His name is Steve Montelli and he buys wallets and reviews them on his popular YouTube channel.  At first I was shocked at the amount of views his channel gets.  After watching a few of them and recognizing that he's a really passionate guy, with a good eye for detail and smooth buttery voice that is easy to listen to, it started to make way more sense.  Steve came over on Saturday and pointed his camera at me and asked me a bunch of great questions. We did it all in one take and its not edited down, so bare with the entire 27 minutes or just watch it for few minutes  It was great to talk about Headlands Handmade and the wallet making process with Steve.