Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Making leather goods is cool. Making stuff that people like and will have for a lifetime; extremely gratifying. When I first began the business, of course I felt great pride when my mom and aunts wanted to order everything from my website, but it wasn't until I started shipping goods across the U.S. and to other countries that I really felt I was doing something that other people think is cool too.

These other people got me thinking about how important they, and numerous others are. Because of the holiday I thought it would be appropriate to share my thanks. I have had a lot of help along the way from my friends and my family and I couldn't do this without them. I've also received good advice from other makers, artists and shop owners to which I would be a little lost without. I am thankful for my friends and principals at EPT Design for allowing me to moonlight and for encouraging me every step of the way. I am thankful for the various vendors and suppliers of materials for always looking out for my best interests.

I am most thankful for my customers. This post is dedicated to those that were compelled to order something after reading a story about this tiny American brand or after stumbling across the site and liking what they saw.  And to the customers that truly want to keep their money close by buying local. This is to the customers that keep coming back and want one of everything I make. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough.

As much as I enjoy making the goods and constantly talking about leather (my friends will attest to this, of which I am certain is an occasional annoyance), I get the most satisfaction from meeting new customers and sharing my process with them. I would like to express my thanks to existing customers and potential new ones by offering a few things for purchases made between Thursday 11/28 and Monday 12/2.

Free shipping on all domestic orders (if you are local, pick-up is welcome and appreciated).

Free key chain with all orders.

Free set of coasters with all orders over $50.