Store Launch (softly)

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Headlands Handmade began with a desire to make a few things for family and friends.  I wanted us to have goods that would last and that could potentially be passed down. The idea to turn it into a little something more came from the encouragement from many of those same people.

Thanks go out to:

My family for all of their support and advice through this process;  all of my pals around town for never missing an opportunity to make fun of me for “pounding” leather all the time; all of my friends at EPT Design for their enthusiasm in being my first customers;  Chantal deFelice  for her inspiration and her hawk eye;   Shelley Schaffer  for her highly skilled photography and photography lessons;  Kevin Gjertsen for his masterful metalworking  skills;  Bryant Petersen for his amazing woodshop and for always making the dangerous cuts.  And the many people along the way that have listened to my constant leather talk, or have inspired or motivated me.