I started out wanting to make cool stuff that my Dad and brother would like.  Then it slowly turned into making cool stuff for other good people. Today I hit a small milestone and am feeling humbled by the support and appreciation for what I am doing.  The folks at Thalia and at Hammer and Spear have given me great support and encouragement in addition to making me feel like part of their teams or members of their shop families.  The people I have come across through the website have been fun to interact with and a great source of inspiration as well. One gentleman in particular, out of NYC has been a great customer as well as a nice friend to a bunch of his pals.  He keeps purchasing valet trays for his buddies and has me send them directly to them all over the place. That got me thinking... my pals buy me beer from time to time and that's nice too.

In a related story, Headlands Handmade was featured today on Inside Hook and they had some really nice things to say about my work.